From humble beginnings.

Making custom sliding doors is something the guys at The Slide Shop have been doing for the past few years. With successful projects under our belt and a thirst for new challenges, we started The Slide Shop. The Slide Shop is a small company of guys selling and installing sliding doors and wardrobes. We cut the glass and metal in your sliding door. We buy the wood panels for your wardrobe. Once we get to your house, we put everything into place. Soon you'll have a brand new sliding door or wardrobe custom-fitted to your house.

A New Home.
A Fresh Renovation.

Wardrobes and cabinets are a great way to store clothes and items. Whether you're building a new home or renovating an old house, defining and designing storage is essential. The Slide Shop offers a wide selection of sliding doors, stand-alone wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, interior shelves, and sliding drawer constructions.

Building Wardrobes

We use cam-locks in our wood joinery. Our wardrobes can be disassembled with ease while offering the same stability as ordinary wardrobes built with screws/nails/dowels. We include a 5mm backboard in our wardrobe units for complete storage encasement.

Mechanisms and Fabrications

There is a wide range of mechanisms for your drawers and sliding doors. We supply Soft-Close sliding tracks for your drawers and Quiet-Slide tracking system for our sliding doors. If you need something different, please let us know.

Large Volume Supply

We are well-suited for commercial supply, we handle procurement/logistics/construction of wardrobes for apartment projects.

Quality Control

We have international and local suppliers for a variety of components (glass, wood/melamine, PWC, and steel). We spend a lot of our time doing product, price, and quality comparisons. It is important to us to communicate these differences to you. Let us know what is important to you and we'll make it work. We can offer cost-effective and simple wardrobes or custom high-tech constructions.
  • 01
    Custom Build
    We custom build the product right here in New Zealand.
  • 02
    Wide Range of Selection
    Cover a range of selections which you can freely choose for your home renovation.
  • 03
    Product Effectiveness Guarantee
    Each slider has 4 wheels on top and 2 wheels at the bottom.
  • 04
    Premium Materials and Quality
    Extremely smooth, World class quality made from Aluminum, designed to last a life time.
  • 05
    Multiple Showrooms & Friendly Staffs
    You can visit our showrooms to view our products or talk to us for advice.
  • 06
    Satisfaction Guarantee
    We guarantee that our products will fit into your home perfectly. Smooth, Quiet and Most importantly - Beautiful.

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